Diameter: 160 kilometers

1 Superlaser
5,000 Turbolaser Batteries
5,000 Heavy Turbolasers
2,500 Laser Cannons
2,500 Ion Cannons
768 Tractor Beam Emplacements

Crew: 265,675
57,276 Gunners

Troop Capacity: 607,360
25,984 Stormtroopers
42,782 Starship Support Staff

Total Population: In excess of one million
Taken from a Star Wars magazine, this is the figure that includes any non-military staff, such as cooks, cleaners, people who empty out garbage compactors and the valets who park TIE Fighters.

Fighter Complement:
1831 TIE Fighters
2904 TIE Assault Craft
806 TIE Boarding Craft
1384 Scouts (Whatever these are)

Warship Complement:
6 Star Destroyers
10 Battleships
39 Heavy Cruisers
17 Light Cruisers
81 Fighter Tenders
190 Troop Transports
714 Corvettes
509 Tanker Drones

Reinforced hull plating
Multiple overlapping shield generators
Sensor jammers
(Either all this wasn't working well at Yavin or they were pretty poorly designed)

Cost: You have to be kidding

Taken from http://www.theforce.net/swtc/ds.html though if anyone has any more accurate figures then /msg me and I'll put them here.