You thought it'd be different, didn't you? You thought that once you'd done it, like a bolt from the blue there's a sudden change, everyone's happy, didn't you? It wasn't meant to be like this. You weren't meant to have to work for it. To sit there, with the pain, the angst, to sit and hope that throng was looking away when you did it. You wanted some angel of mercy to come and save you, but he didn't. You're getting there, but you didn't want it to be this way.

Sitting in that car you were trying to fall asleep but the world kept dropping into your mind and you were afraid. You didn't want to see me today, you wanted a happy reunion, to chat over coffee and cakes.

This room smells of incense but everyone's happy
They're laughing and I want to go to sleep
Look at me emaciated I am screaming at you let me sleep
This coffee isn't very strong.

How can you be angry with us for not feeling? We are the children of another generation. It's a generation too young for a name, for psychoanalytical books, to be explored, broken up, put back together again and diagnosed by an undergraduate who becomes detached by spending the profits on the things we condemn. A generation too old to be ignored.

We never knew him - how can we feel sympathy? Our science tells us that this is his fault, he chose this path and he must walk it. Our hearts tell us nothing, robbed of their emotions by recessions and heavy rotation. We cannot feel sorrow.

The people who shaped our futures are unknowns to us. We vaguely recall them, rhymes in the playground or caricatured pictures, but they mean nothing to us. Nihilism is our goal, but apathy pervades. We are not unfeeling, we are justified. Love us, accept us. We are Maggie's children, and we're not going away.

Listen to me, I'm trying to get through to you. I can help you find a way out of this. Let me in! You cannot hope for solutions without work.

In tonight's Lottery draw there was one lucky winner, winning a total of over £3 million. The winning numbers: 34, 21, 11, 14, 43 and 27. And the bonus ball: 40.

Listen to me, I'm trying to love you, and be loved. Look at me, accept me.