Yesterday, 1730hrs

We sit on our haunches in a bush outside Tesco's, Margate with the capsule from a Kinder Surprise on the ground. I pour some glycerol into one half, Adam sprinkles potassium permanganate into the other half.

The pharmacist had told us that potassium permangate turns water a brilliant purple.

'Sounds fun,' Adam had said.

When you add potassium permanganate to glycerol, a brilliant purple mixture is formed. Royal purple, purple like a black eye after a good fight. This lasts about a minute.

As the two mix together, they react together within the confines of the plastic capsule to produce large amounts of smoke and a fair amount of heat.

As I run around to the entrance of the shop with the capsule hidden up my sleeve, I am aware of this and try to move as quickly as possible without shaking the capsule and aiding the reaction.

Once inside the shop, the capsule pops in my hand, and I know I am past the point of no return. I drop it, and without looking back I move quickly out of the shop. I run, safe in the knowledge that the entire store will now be at a halt as the thick smoke fills aisle 3 - pet food.

Next time I'm there, I'll look for a purple splash on the floor - the damage from the first blow in our own personal Project Mayhem. But for now, I need to get the stuff off my hands.