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God I hate these writing these bio's don't really know why I like talking about myself lol. Well a lil bit about me I consider myself an artist (surprise) I'm a singer/songwriter/poet/photographer, ya know what lets just say I do a lot of things. I can be a major fucking asshole sometimes(but generally nice), I have a general contempt and hatred for most of the human race, I do drugs, I drink, I smoke, I like sex, death, blood, and rock an roll. I'm told that I can be kinda shy at times but really it's just me sizing people up deciding whether or not they're worth my time. I have a wide range of interests music being one of the most important(I'm into rock,metal,goth,techno,trance,industrial,etc), politics, philosophy, spirituality, the occult, demonology,psychology, suicide, knives, and well a fuck of a lot more. And now since I'm quite bored doing this I'll stop.