There is a definite problem with 'Socialist Political Systems' as they currently exist. Too often, they are one-sided, or do not properly represent the needs of the people they are supposed to be governing. To remedy this, I propose the development of a new political system based not on party politics, but on the needs of a population at large.

This system will be broken down into three seperate catergories:

  • The Economic Party, who's interests lie in stablizing and strengthing the economy.
  • The Defensive Party, who establishes foreign policy and maintains a well-organized military for defensive purposes only.
  • The Advancement Party, who concentrates on furthering the technological state of a country as well as maintaining education standards.

Officals are elected to these three parties by their districts based on where the voters see a need. If the country is going through hard economic times, the Economic Party would get a strong vote. However, during times when foreign nations threaten the peace, the Defensive Party would attain power. Terms for officials are set at four years and no person is permitted to serve twice in the same party. Also, public funding is granted a person who wishes to run in his district. No private funding or contributions are allowed. These limitations serve to act as a buffer against severe cases of patronage and disallows special interest groups from establishing an easy hold on a representative.

Once the vote has been completed and the new majorities have been established the leading party becomes the Popular and attains a 49% vote on any Bill or Act being passed through government. The following party becomes the Contender and recieves a 30% vote. And the remaining party becomes the Mediator and receives a 21% vote.

This voting system is broken down in such a way that the Popular party has the ability to cast a unamimous vote that is difficult to beat unless the other two parties are unified in their voting. This removes partisan politics from general governing except in extreme cases where such a split is warranted. Finally, the Mediator has the ability to call re-elections in districts whenever corruption or extreme cases of patronage or special interest are found.

This is generalized basis is designed around Sahrism and Sahrist Thought. It is currently still evolving, and any input into the system would be appreciated.