Warning: Someone informed me that this may be an unhealthy way of taking your alcohol. I have not found any information that supports the claim that inhalation of ethanol fumes is more dangerous than simply ingesting them, but I think it's still worth warning about.

Gas Chamber is also a rather fancy shot, aptly if politically incorrectly named.

You will need:
A shot glass
A cognac glass
A saucer
A lighter
A drinking straw (the kind with a bend)

One important thing: Since Sambuca is usually around 38-42% ABV, this drink must be served with the drink keeping room temperature. I tried to make this once, with a bottle that had been lying in the cooler, gave up and just drank it bare.

You know where this is going by now...

The shot glass should be standing on the saucer, and you will fill it so that it flows over and some Sambuca is spilt in the saucer. Readying the cognac glass in one hand, you then proceed to light the Sambuca, and quickly move the cognac glass over it, opening down, so as to catch the alcohol fumes. Slowly lower the glass, and let the fires die. Now, here comes the trick. Put the straw inside the glass and inhale the fumes. Alcohol, and I suppose a lot of other unhealthy stuff, goes right into your lungs, and your red blood cells will turn into happy little blood cells they as turn up at the oxygen delivery counter to find that instead, they get alcohol.

Obviously, since we can't throw away good alcohol, you shot the Sambuca afterwards.