There is truth to that.

She's not the one your eyes gravitate to when you come into the room. There are other girls there, with firm butts and big boobs, small waist. Girls that could almost be models. Scratch that. Girls that could easily be models. You walk around, chat a bit with these, have a nice time. Only on your third time over to the bar do you notice her. You'd call her cute. A little plump, maybe, though she's smart enough to dress for her body. You pass her, your thoughts immediately back to the girl you've just been chatting up.

On your way back, she looks up at you, and you stare right into her eyes. She flashes a smile, and disappears again behind you. This time, your thoughts don't immediately go back to the girl you've been chatting up. It lingers at that face. An expression, seemingly innocent, but hinting at a very different truth.

You end the evening in the bed of the girl you've been chatting up, the other girl only half-remembered.

Two days later, you see her in the halls. There are several girls around, many very beautiful, but now she is the one that catches your eyes.. You have no idea why, but there's something about her. Studying her, you find that her entire being spells sexy. No one thing, it's just how she walks, her body language, and how she smiles as her eyes meet yours like they did earlier. She slows down as you're about to pass, greets you, and you stop dead in your tracks, almost unable to utter a response. It dawns on you that you might be in love.

The above is fiction. But it holds truth. Looking back, the girls I have ultimately found the sexiest, who has put the bigger mark on me, have not been supermodels. They have been ordinary girls, with quite average looks. Girls I didn't really look twice at the first time I met them. Cute, yes, sure, though I saw girls who I initially found more attractive being quite taken with their own inadequancies.

These girls didn't show that. They showed confidence. They believed in themselves, as individuals and as girls. They carried themselves in a way, telling the world that they were interesting, fun, and to the guys, that they were desireable.

So, if you're a girl and read this, I ask you to try to think that you're sexy. I ask you to try to act as if you're sexy. Soon, you will learn how to do it right, and you will start believing in yourself.

No, I beg you. For there are far too few out there who believe it. And a girl who knows how to be sexy is so much sexier than any model-bodied airhead. And I know that being sexy is a frame of mind. I've seen it. I've met so many girls who shouldn't have, from a popular image of beauty, have caught my attention so much. But they have, because they've known how to be sexy, instead of just look sexy.