Opening my eyes, red numbers glow in my face. They're supposed to mean something, yet I am unable to get their meaning. I try to collect my thoughts, make a coherent picture of the world, but all I can do is focus on the cold, yellow ceiling. Try to sit up, try to break the focus. Halfway up now, yet I find it impossible to gather strenght enough to finish. It feels like minutes passes, as I sit half-erect, staring straight up. In the end, my will succumbs, and I fall backwards into the soft waters of the mattress.

In the dream, I am trapped. Yellow brick walls grow up around me, high, and above them, the sky, dark with clouds. Yet it is a way out. Trying to find a grip, trying to climb up, there's none.

I awake as the alarm clock rings. Once again, the yellow ceiling stares down at me, and it takes a few moments for me to realize I'm in my room, awake. Sunlight comes from the window, yet it cannot dispel the sterility and coldness of the room. It's a reflection of my life. Cold and sterile, meaningless. Skipping breakfast, I go straight for school.

My focus is slipping. The teachers droning sounds like porridge slowly running from a ladle into a platter, and I find myself in the brick prison again, with no way out. Wait. There's a pickaxe here. I smash it into a wall. Hit after hit, crumbles fall out, a hole opens up, and I look through. It's no longer as dark, the clouds dispersing. Joy and hope fills me, and these feelings are kept as the class ends, and I groggily step into the school cafe. I order myself some coffee, and sit down at an empty table. As in my dream, the sky is now partially clouded. It seems like it might rain later. No matter, I've got my umbrella. A girl asks me if the chair by my table is occupied. I answer her, no, just take it. To my surprise, she sits down here, asking me for my name. We end up talking for some time, before she finishes her drink and has to leave for her next class. Me, I have to do the same.

The next day, we meet again, at the same spot. I seem to interest her, and in the end we agree to meet after school. The remaining classes are, unsurprisingly, slow, but finally, I get to leave, get to meet my girl. We meet at a pizza place, have a snack together. The pizza is really good, yet it isn't what is on my mind.

The last few days, the dream has recurred. It always seems to start off the same place as I left it last time, and every time I manage to pry out another brick, and see more of the sky, clearer and clearer. I've met my girl every day. She gives me hope. She gives me joy. And today I asked her out on a real date. I got a yes. As I walk home, I notice the strange sky. On one side, the sky is cloudfree, and the sun shines down on me. On my left, however, the sky is dark, and it seems to be raining in the distance.

The opening is almost big enough now. Strange how that dream seems to be the only one I've had since I met her. Well, it is much better than my previous nightmares, so I do not care. As for the date, it went well, and so did many more. We are now officially a couple. My life seems to have taken a complete turn since that day. Life is, for once, good, I think to myself as I undress and go to bed. She comes as well, snuggling up close to me, and in my arms she falls asleep.

I find myself in the dream. Salvation is near. The sky is so amazingly blue, the sun shines from somewhere behind me, and in the distance I see my girl. Another strike, dislodging a last brick. I've made it! The wall is crumbling, falling down! Freedom, at last!

Too late I realize the wall is falling inwards...