She gives the best oral sex in the business.

Yeah, she's good.

And that one over there, I've seen her with 3 guys at once. 5 sometimes. I've got all of her movies.

I like to see 'em in a hot tub.

I like to see girl on girl. She's got such a hot body.

She could do to lose a little weight.

What a nice ass on that one!

Ah, gotta love that anal sex!

See, in this combination scene, we've got that multiracial double penetration man, that's where it's at.

But she won't do black guys. It's not that she can't...she just doesn't.

I wanna see...

Man, black guys is just as good to be sucked as white, or hispanic, or anything else. Why aren't you sucking us? We wanna see...

Yeah, we want. Howard Stern has everything we want, neh?

But tell me. Can you sit that girl down for five minutes and talk to her, without it being about her body? Without your concentration...being on what you want?

Forget meat and sizing things up. What sort of pattern of thinking have you put yourself into.

See that cute girl walking down the street?

The short blonde with the hair down to her back, and the smile you know she's had since she was an embryo.

I wanna see the money shot, man. I want it all over her face...

..the tall, confident asian account executive over there, talking to her boyfriend in Switzerland on the phone, trying to decide which museum to lunch at tonight?

Man, I wanna see the deep penetration on that bitch, I wanna see her take it all! Go Ron Jeremy her ass!

..the willowy brunette working the coffee bar, jotting down her dreams in stories and pictures in the battered notebook she keeps beside the bar?

Fast interacial action, man, put her in it, some alley, yeah, take her, it's art, man!

Never mind the magic you find when it's just you and that person sharing a couple of hours on the couch, or in bed, that sparkle in her eyes that's just for you, at least today, that has nothing to do with positions, or prowess, and has everything to do with chemistry, and dreams.

She gives the best oral in the business. But she only comes at home.

I'll give her the hot meat injection, man.

But can you give her choice? Can you give her individuality? Can you be her dream?

Fast forward to the next possibility...

This isn't about porn. This isn't about sex. This is about you, the viewer, thinking about what you're really doing to your own ability to make a choice in the way you think about other people. Or rather, the way you're not making any choices at all.

I wanna see...