So, due to a cancelled flight, I get into BWI airport at 2:30 am, and I'm home about 4. I immediately imitate the dead.

I get up at 8, I'm at work by 9, and the boss turns around in her chair with a sorrowful look on her face.

And you know, I've been waiting for this. It's not a surprise, that shoe has been dropping, ever so slowly, for about half a year.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but we can't afford to have you any more. All of the company money is going to salaries, and most of our goverment contracts have fallen through.

Yeah, I've been watching. And hurting. This is her dream, her business, that's dying before our eyes. I'm just a minor casualty.

She's more than a little distrubed by how not upset I am about being layed off. It actually makes it harder for her...but really. What would I gain from being upset? It's just time to find another job...and I've been doing that since High School. It's just life as usual, yet another move.

Because there is no such place as home. Just nice places to pause for a while.

I find myself pitying the people who have been in one place for most of their lives, went to the same schools, had the same friends, worked in the same job for upteen years. They're not going to be ready. Ends will be tragedy for them, change will be a source of disaster and pain.

God has far more control over any of this than I do...why worry? Ride it out, gain the new experience. Maybe I'll start working on grad school. Maybe this is the opportunity to learn some new computer languages, or finally get involved in theatre again.

The light changes. Traffic moves. The world turns another turn, to quote my boys in Queensryche. Such is life.

*grin* and in the meantime, I wait for it all to hit home...