I have reached the point where, I think, I can't get much more numb.

No amount of evil on the part of any human or nation would, at this point, particularly surprise me. We're all just as capable, to be quite honest, and everybody has their reasons.

I feel helpless. That our nation can change its laws as it does, that it can attack nations as it does, that our leaders can declare wars as they do...There's no accountability to any of it.

The world hates this nation, and for many excellent reasons. My friend Dave from Canada was just talking about how America is actively screwing over Europe, South American, etc. with it's foreign policy, because American foreign policy says that we must hurt other nations economically to keep American on top, at all costs.

Not, mind you, that anybody inside the nation will ever pay much attention to that sort of thing.

We can talk all we want about wake up calls, but with all of the insidious, covert changes going on in the nation...there's just no point.

it's already over. We've already lost the war. The poison is in our veins.

All we can do, as individuals, is try to be the best humans possible. With or without God. And continue to burn with the world.