This weekend, International Ragnarok Online (IRO), which is the powered-down version for anybody who isn't Asian, had it's servers hacked, and the entire list of passwords and usernames for all users on the International server was spread across the internet, nearly as fast as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's little video.

This file was not, we are now being told, secure. For some reason.

The reaction by the GM's was to roll the servers back to the 19th, (it was the 22nd) and then give people 2 days of double loot drops and double experience gain. They also sent "confirmation codes" to everybody, so that people could log in and change their passwords.

Many people never got a message, or were hacked and looted even after changing their passwords. Others were hacked, and reported it to Gravity, and Gravity told them they were lying. Many errors were made in the handling of the situation.

As of last night, June 25th, which is the night Gravity always takes down their servers, Gravity announced that they would once more be rolling back the servers to the 19th, which meant that all of the work people had put into leveling their characters over the last 2 days would be entirely lost, as well as any equipment or money gained, and that two more days of double exp and loot would be provided, and that 5 days would be tacked onto the month to make up for time lost, and that new passwords would be sent out to everybody.

But that all of the free email services (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) are bouncing their messages. Those who don't get the email should go to their page and fill out the form requesting that they be sent the password.

Mind you, 1. there is no longer any link to this form from the main page, since the only page you can get to on the English side is the one announcing the new rollback and password change, and you have to LOG IN WITH YOUR PASSWORD to use that form, and 2. If those email services are bouncing the emails, then chances are there's no way for most people to get a reply even if they could fill out the form.

Needless to say, most of the IRO fansites are now collapsing, and people are quitting the International game in droves. Not that they could play anyway.

Myself, I paid up for six months, and it's beginning to look as if that's $57 I will never see the result of.