We picked up a book on Mexican food recipes in the bargain bin a while back, and were very tempted by the Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe in the back of it.

The chocolate we wound up using was Abuelita brand (Grandmother), but which has now been bought by Nestle, and just says Nestle on it. It also comes in a yellow six-sided cylinder. I'm not sure if it's a copy-off, or an actual relation of the above mentioned chocolate.

We first went to a local Mexican market for the Abueltia chocolate, but then found that Price Mart carries it for about a fourth of the price.

This stuff is powerful, but I'm a bit of an addict, so I came up with the following recipe:

For two people, take one disk of the chocolate and drop it in a deep pan, followed by 1 cup milk, 1 cup heavy cream per person. You could probably just do half and half if you want. What follows is suitably heavy.

I also, for want of flavor, because the Mexican chocolate doesn't quite fill in, is add blocks of baking chocolate (usually just one or two) and perhaps an additional tablespoon of actual cinammon.

Stir, with spoon, until the chunk of chocolate at the bottom has mixed in quite nicely with the milk and everything has that rich, dark, smooth color one associates with hot chocolate.

Be very careful on servings. Unless the drinker is an absolute choco-holic, this mix will be too intense for people to drink much more than a small amount.