Unlike reading a book, or doing a class study, Everything2 is more like sitting in a big discussion group full of people in somebody's basement. There's an enormous fridge/bar lining one wall serving things like Bawls and expresso beverages, and people come in, find themselves a source of caffeine, flop down on a couch, and begin contributing.

Now, this is a large room. So we don't have everybody talking about the same thing...there's a Mao game going on in one corner, a fierce discussion on Cybernetic Totalitarianism and Open Source Programming in the middle of the room, and dem bones is circulating the room bonking people over the head with a foam bat for continuing to start personal discussions which lead nothing to the page.

Sensei's leading a cooking class at the bar, Sylvar and various others are having a poetry slam out on the back deck, and Yossarian's Chinese Spies are doing battle with the evil panda smurf mutants bred by Cow of Doom in Ideath's basement.

And as usual, with most gifted folks, none of the conversations stay totally on track for very long. Tangents work their way in (except for the mao game) and soon people are talking about monkey feces and Why Masturbating with Icy Hot is a Bad Idea and the Chinese Spies are arguing with Sensie over the correct amount of soy to use on steak, and it goes on...

So dive in, and prepare to be entertained, horrified, and brazed in a light garlic sauce.