When Armageddon comes, and the world ends, there will be a judgement.

Those who didn't bother to sign up for Salvation aren't on the list. Didn't bother to register. Aren't going on the train to the new world.

But guess what...the old world's being destroyed. I guess that's why they call it...the end of the world. Neh?

The only thing left, after that, is this place called "hell" that was created as a place for Satan and the other angels who decided that telling God to fuck off would be a good idea.

So...the folks not on the guest list default to there. It's all that's left. Wasn't designed for them. But there isn't anywhere else.

How is hell described? Well, yeah, there's noise about fire and brimstone. But at it's heart?

Hell is total separation from God for eternity. From all that is good and pure and orderly. From the source that holds the universe together. Etc.

Christianity has turned it into a threat, true. But they're getting it wrong.

Hell wasn't built by a loving God as a place to punish sinners for being bad people.

Hell was built to punish Satan for turning against God and actively acting to corrupt the world. It's just that heaven is only for those who have chosen to accept salvation. It's eternity in the presence of God.

And those who rejected that salvation...because they think it's a faerie tale, because their parents or great grand parents or whatever didn't pass it on...well, it's the only other place to go. *shrug*

Yell and scream as you want. Protest fairness. After all, it's easy for you tell tell an infinite God how it is, and how it goes. By the way, create a hippo for me.