Title: Blood Lines
Author: Tanya Huff
Published: 1993
Publisher: Daw Books

This is perhaps the darkest and most thrilling Victory Nelson book yet, a Mummy is released in Toronto, and it's up to Vicky, Henry Fitzroy, and Mike Celluci to stop him. If they can.

Henry is suffering visions of the sun which wrack him with fear that his end is near, struggling with tales of other elder vampires going out into the sun to end their lives, and creating a desperate need to have Vicky near him to help him.

But Vicky has drawn the attention of the Mummy's god, and is to be the first prime sacrifice...

The Mummy is done very well, a very nice device for his power and the reasons for his existence, not at all your normal mummy story. Quite intense, quite interesting.

Definitely leaves one wanting to see what the next book is going to be like...