I see it most often in movies.

It's that climactic moment of misunderstanding, beyond which nothing will ever be the same, will never be whole or dependable again...

But I also see it in real life. Friends screaming at each other across a field of twisted intentions and bent words, trying to build a bridge with live explosives.

And I think to myself...if only they'd just shut up and hug.

End this defense, this yelling, that silent front, that angry staredown...and embrace. Just let it all go in a wave of forgiveness and acceptance.

I suppose that would demand some measure of humility on the part of both persons, and that's an anathema to us.

But I find it so very hard to believe that many of these problems could not, at some very close and needful point, be simply solved with the ending of speaking, and the encounter of two encircling, admitting, needing arms.

My heart is open, welcome home.