Ok, just what does a girl have to DO to get a break with you guys? I mean seriously. Talk about inequality, you go on and on about how it's always men that have to make the first move. Well I'm not one of your averagebackwards at coming forwards kind of Kitty's and I have taken the bull by the horns on numerous occasions but none so weird as this.

Act one, Scene one
Girl meets Boy, Girl likes Boy, Girl is encouraged to think that Boy likes Girl by Boy's behaviour, i.e.friendly, chatty, interested in weekends activity, that sort of thing. Always some sort of contact of hands when giving or receiving money (Boy works in a shop) and after weeks of being treated to this sort of behaviour, Girl finally asked him his name. Yes, it actually took courage, Girl liked Boy more than she'd liked anyone for a long, long time and the moment was not without embarrassment.

Act one, Scene two
Girl finally decides that, embarrassing as it may be, she is going to take the bull by the horns and make the first move believing as she does in EQUALITY BETWEEN THE SEXES
So Girl gives Boy her number with a casual 'If you ever fancy going for a drink or anything, now you have my number'
Boy thanks Girl with a 'Well, thankyou very much' and Girl leaves Boy to pick chin up off floor and regain composure.

Does Boy ring Girl? Does he bollocks! Not only that but taking her heart in both hands, Girl goes into Boys place of work as normal today in order to get embarrassing debacle that is seeing someone for the first time knowing that you have given them your number and they haven't phoned you, out of way and Boy ISN'T EVEN THERE! Leaving Girl to wonder:

  • Is Boy a Fuckwit?
  • Is Boy just mean?
  • Is Boy playing Games and has no interest in Girl?
  • Is Boy too scared to come to work because of Girl showing interest? If so then Boy is GIGANTIC WUSSY!
  • Is Boy Gay and has Girl misinterpreted his friendliness for interest? Though Girl has Gay Best Friend and can usually tell if Boy is Straight or Gay
  • Is Boy completely unaware that it is now 2001 and it is therefore OK for Girl to ask Boy out, knowing, as Girl does, that it is by no means an easy thing to do and thinking as she did that perhaps Boy is shy?
  • Does Boy not appreciate Girls gargantuum effort on Boy's behalf in the 'moving the relationship forward' stakes? If so, Boy is gigantic ARSE.

So can anyone tell me why this ridiculous inequality still exists when there are Girls like me willing to make an arse of themselves to give Boys an easier time of it?
I'm not sure I even care any more
Don't expect you to either.

Equality my arse.