Steam Whistle Brewing is a very popular microbrewery located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Its only product, Steam Whistle Pilsner has won numerous awards, and is a personal favorite.

The brewery was founded by Greg Taylor, Cam Heaps and Greg Cromwell, who had previously worked together at another popular microbrewery, Upper Canada Brewing. Sleeman's bought out Upper Canada Brewing and shut down the Toronto facility in 1998, leaving our three heroes without a job. It was their dream to establish and run their own brewery. Enter Steam Whistle.

Steam Whistle Brewing is located in the old John Street Roundhouse at the base of the CN Tower. This facility was once a functioning steam train repair facility run by Canadian Pacific Rail and is now a historical landmark.

Ironically, the Roundhouse's previous function is not where Steam Whistle got it's name : the creators got their inspiration from the old steam whistles that would signal the end of a workday.

Nodeshell rescued with information gathered from my tour of the brewery for my birthday last year, and from the Steam Whistle Brewing web site found at