"In 1991, smokers spent $10.45 billion on tobacco products,of which about 75% went to governments in the form of taxes. Excluding lost income (which costs individuals and not governments) and disability (which incurs costs for the employer), the cost of smoking for governments was about $2.3 billion in health care costs (including residential care) and an additional $96 million in lost income taxes from smokers who died in 1991. The latter number is estimated by assuming that, on average, those smokers who died in 1991 earned one half of their income at a tax rate of 19.8%. Even with this latter amount included, the result is that smokers paid in more than they took out by about $5.4 billion. "
(Source: Health Canada - CDIC Vol. 18 No.1, 1997)

You don't want to be giving money to pay for smokers' treatment? I'd say it looks to me like you owe the smokers some gratitude. I'm sure the government didn't mind the $5.4 billion dollar lump in it's wallet.

I'll make you a better deal : Tomorrow morning, I'll get all smokers to quit smoking. It would give you a great deal of new material to use in your next rant about your increased income tax and sales tax as the government attemps to recover the billions of dollars it just lost from it's revenue stream.