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To have everyone feel the want to write; its just amazing!!
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"Love makes the tamest spirit wild and the wildest spirit tame." or "Never frown; you may never know who is falling in love with your smile." Both very true!!
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I love to write and read, they are practically my two most desired hobbies that I look forward to doing!! Writing lets me put my thoughts and feelings on the page, just to let the words flow freely and hope a good story imerges!! Reading lets my mind wander, and I see myself as the main character in the story!! I experience everything my characters go through, and sometimes if a character is angry, so am I. If a character is glum or depressed, so am i. I rely on my characters to come through and make my writing AMAZING!!! At the moment, I am working on the sequal to my Vampire/Werewolf/Slayer novel and even though I'm only through with the first chapter, I have fallen in love with it already!!! My favorite fiction genres would most likely have ot be: Fantasy/Vampires (duh)/Werewolves/ Ghosts/ Practically anything that is considered "mythical" in this world (even though they are as real as you or me.) I LOVE LOVE to write Horror and Thriller/Suspense, I love hearing pounding hearts and seeing bitten off fingernails after reading one of my pieces, it just makes me want to jump with joy! *jump jump* If you would like to read my stories, you can on Thanks!! And I hope you read and like my stories!! Most of which are either about Vampires or Werewolves. You can call it my "little obsession" as is the series of books by Stephenie Meyer entitled "Twilight" "New Moon" "Eclipse" and as of today "Breaking Dawn" they are just AWESOME!! To see a summary of the books go to her website: and to check out the up-coming movie go to:

I hope you LIKEY!!! I know I do, I am just about jumping off of my seat in anticipation, waiting for my Breaking Dawn book to arrive! I think Steph first made me obsessed with anything to do with vampires/werewolves of the sort and since then I enjoy Horror a lot more than I did!!

All I have to say is WRITE ON!!!