I have experienced the stifling power of the E2 majority on its self-preserving course. I wrote up a node that was admittedly tongue-in-cheek, but it wasn't supposed to offend anyone with slightest sense of humor. Heck, I even do appreciate HLL and use them, I'm just not into the arrogant people who refuse to consider anything aside their tunnel vision. Well, the node went down like a deep sea sub. Voters seem either to reject anything they cannot penetrate, or to have different taste in irony (again, this is a majority), or to be the same arrogant dorks who can't mock at themselves with me.

This morning, when I logged on, I was presented with a message saying that the node is to be deleted as it's nothing more than poorly written facts wrapped in flamage. Dude, read anything on The Onion. May the meaning of the word "irony" reveal itself to you.

I guess, I'd better go code my own blog.

Everyone pats me on the back, saying that I should try again and write something better, something informative, something... conformant. Nothanks. I know better places for my thoughts than this oversized anthropological experiment.

You can't crush me! My preciousss ticket to LotR is with me. Today is the day!