In Orson Scott Card's four-part Ender's Game series, Pequeninos are an intelligent extra-terrestrial/alien species, native to the Brazilian Catholic planet Lusitania, are only the second intelligent species (apart from the Buggers) found in the galaxy by humans. Pequeninos, aka piggies first appear in Speaker For The Dead.

Although intelligent, the Pequeninos are technologically primitive. Due to Ender's xenocide of the first intelligent species (Buggers), the xenologists and xenobiologists on Lusitania are forbidden from revealing any aspect of humans' technology, society or culture to the pequeninos, in an attempt by the Hundred Worlds' governing body, Starways Congress to keep from artificially accelerating their development .

For an unknown reason, due to the poor exchange of information between the two species, Pipo, one of the xenologers is killed by the pequeninos and Ender is called by his apprentice Novinha from 30 years' journey away to Speak his death.