I found this on the ground, it is real:

Kids everywhere are catching Pokemon

and training them to fight. The highly-charged Pikachu, fire-belching Charizard and scrappy Mewtwo battle their competitors for honor and "trainer badges." They are found among with all the other Pokemon in video games, toys, a movie, and Pokemon:The Card Game

A lot of kids like to collect Pokemon, study their strengths, and battle them against rival trainers. Kids try to capture each one to become the "number one Pokemon master in the world." But playing in the Pokemon world is not like real life. They are only pretend. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a friend with special powers way beyond our own.

But wait! Have you ever thought about God and all the awesome power he has? He made the huge oceans, immense solar system and billions of different people, all with his own hands. He even made you!

God loves you and he created you for a special reason. There is one thing above all he wants you to go in your quest. He want you to meet His son, Jesus.

Jesus is truly powerful. He healed disease, raised people back to life and calmed violent storms. He's even forgiven tough criminals and gang members and transformed them into nice people.

The most awesome thing Jesus ever did was come back to life. When Jesus chose to die on the cross to pay for our sins, his arch-enemy Satan thought he could take over the world. But then Jesus rose from the grave with even greater power because death could not hold him. Jesus really beat Satan. Beat him bad.

Jesus Christ is the most powerful Master in the universe, and he lives in the hearts of all the people who trust in him. And each time a new person trusts him, his power goes into them!

You can have the immense power and love of Jesus living in your heart, too. Your love will be so powerful that you will be able to do great things for God. Like tell other people about Jesus (train them), and help his army grow even more. Then when you die someday (which everybody does), Jesus will take you to heaven to live with him forever. Cool!

For Jesus to live in your heart, just tell him you are sorry for the bad things you've done and thought about. Especiallly those things that hurt other people or their feelings. Those all make God unhappy, but he forgives us when we tell him we BELIEVE Jesus died and rose again.

Jesus promises to come and live in your heart if you pray a prayer like this:

Dear Jesus, I want you as my true Master. I believe you died and rose again so I could be forgiven and have you live in my heart. Someday I will live with you in heaven for all eternity! Thank You. Jesus! Amen.

Scary huh?