People who use Windows are people just like you. They can be geeks, bankers, musicians, men, women. They can be anyone and everyone. Some of my best friends use Windows, some of the people I hate most use Windows. Windows is usually used not by choice, but by lack of knowledge of anything better. Even if everyone you know wanted to use Linux/Unix/MacOS, maybe they need Windows for their job, or to run an application they need. Windows, Linux, MacOS, they're all just operating systems. A way of running your computer.

Maybe everyone doesn't want to be a Unix Geek, maybe they don't need to have 100 day plus uptimes. Believe it or not, people who use Windows don't always care if their computer crashes, they aren't NASA, they aren't running a life support system. Its a computer, to some people its a thing to run AOL on and use Word, not a way of life.

(Disclaimer: I am a Unix Geek myself, but defining people by what Operating System they use is stupid)