School: Nothing, had Allen Jones for gym, nuff said

Real Life(TM): Nothing much happens until I come up to look at my computer to find two IMs from Christine and Melissa. Melissa wanted to have me and some other people over to go out on halloween. I obliged and wore my silly gorilla carrying a midget costume. Dan was either Neo or a Trenchcoat Mafia kid, we couldn't tell too well, Christine was Satan and Melissa was a Sheep. My costume got the most attention, we ran into a bunch of stoners who saw it and were incredibly confused. Other people gave me a shitload of candy, some girl asked who I was, I figured she was like 12 so I responded with "God." Went back to Melissa's house, I had like 4lb of candy, good shit too. Dan and Melissa played ping pong for a bit, and then I left.