I didn't argue with my parents about going to church today, its not worth it. So I go to church and all, and at the start of it, an elderly woman falls onto the marble floor, I think she broke her hip. A woman calls over the church's microphone, "Is there a doctor here?" as another man calls 911. The paramedics take her to a local hospital and the mass continues.

Then I go with my mom and sister to a halloween costume contest. My sister was dressed like a gorilla carrying a box with her inside, hard to explain really I'll put a picture up on my website and put the URL at the end when I get it off the digital camera. Anyways, she got a lot of attention, though she didn't end up winning, she was in the final 10 though. Also, my one friend was supposed to burn me a windows 98 CD for my parents' computer, but he hasn't, and I still don't have my MD player/recorder, grr.

http://trisomy21.dhs.org/gorilla.jpg has a picture of the costume, I'm the guy on the left with the taffy sick hanging out of my mouth.