Woke up at about 11am. Had to do some work, then went out to the post office to mail some shit and McDonalds for food. Post Office was okay, nothing of note, but McDonalds, what a bunch of morons. First of all, how long does it take for you to throw chicken, lettuce and tomato on a bun, it seems that 15 minutes is "fast food" to these lackeys. Then it turns out that they slathered it with mayo when I specifically asked for it without. So they had to make another one, if people I knew weren't there too I woulda been like this:

"You notice I'm not smiling right now. In your commercials you seem to love to see me smile, but guess what, the people in your commercials aren't fucking morons who have no future in life! Now how hard is it to follow a simple direction like no fucking mayo for chrissakes. Give me a refund, I'll take my money elsewhere."

30 minutes later I had a crappy chicken sandwich, cold fires and a watery Coke, horray. Then I come home to find a shitload of my relatives over, at least they brought donuts, then they all left to see my sister performing in band. Also everyone is bugging me to reinstall Windows on our family computer, but we don't have a CD, I'm not buying one and my friends are still sleeping. Perhaps I'll get out my mom's Compaq Armada and use its IrDA port to transfer some stuff onto my new DEC laptop later today, maybe even get the ethernet working and put Debian on.