My friend Mike wasn't in school today, so he still has the Minidisc player/recorder which I lent him. Gave Ramsey one of the DEC laptops. Right now I've got a big history of the english language project due in a little while and it won't get done on time. School was the usual, though I managed to stay awake in all my courses. The odd thing is that I had nothing to eat today at all until 5:30pm, I swear my nervous system is broken, I didn't even feel hungry, I ate because I was bored. I don't feel hot or cold very much either, even when other people are freezing, its odd. My dad has been out all afternoon, oh well, and my mom is working and she's got the only laptop we have with IrDA. There's some big football game up at the high school tonight, but I don't care enough, most of my friends are busy playing in the band anyways.