That thing, that thing, that thiiiing

This morning I'm gonna play Nostradamus and tell you about what's going to happen today:

  • School is going to suck
  • I'm going to cut study hall and go to the library
  • I will sleep during class
  • I'll stay after to help the Director of Technology with some servers
  • My parents will give me chores to do
  • They'll also punish me somehow for a little thing

Hmmm...I'll have to make sure something a bit more interesting happens, I need to stir the pot up every now and then.

So far I've cut study hall, school has sucked, nothing interesting has happened, and I slept through chemistry.
Well, I did end up helping the director of technology, but more interesting things happened. First of all, he gave me a pair of laptops, Digital HiNote Ulta IIs, P100, 24mb, 812mb and 10" TFT. A shame the batteries are shot in them. Also when waiting for my ride outside school, I run into some people who went to private school in 9th grade+ and talk to them. I swear one of the girls was flirting with me, but it doesn't matter. No chores, no punishment. Today owned.