You little wonder, little wonder you.

Hrm, what's new today? Marple Newtown High School can be the pits sometime. Someone mentioned that your marriage should be the best day of your life, and I realized that with every day so monotonous, I couldn't think of my life having a "best day", that sucks. I've realized that avoiding people who you're uncomfortable around is stupid, why should I waste my time walking to avoid looking at them just because they have a problem with me, no more of that. So today I found a way of saving about 2 seconds of my precious life, and I have no clue what to do with them.

Back at home, things are pretty good, talked to my mom on the phone from her work, she assigned me jobs, but I reassigned them to my siblings. I'm supposed to be doing an english project now, but that won't get done, like the rest of my homework.

My parents took the lock mechanism out of my door for no good reason. While my dad was working on that I had Meat Beat Manifesto's Mars Needs Women playing, he was none too thrilled with the "take that mother fucker!" voice sample, he called my mom in and they were sitting behind my chair, they wanted me to remove all my mp3s. Yeah, right.