"You would be welcomed in my dreams"

Chris drives me to school in his pimpmobile (Grand Marquis), the thing is fucking huge, got to Marple Newtown High School and read E2 for a bit, then went to class.

Twoards the end of english Feng has this picture, its of her and Jack at the 8th grade dance from back when. She wouldn't let me see it, for good reason I suppose. The whole thing reminded me so of the unthing between us last year, when she told me of how she liked him then. All the feelings, love, hate, frustration, coming back, hitting me in the head like a mallet. I wasn't good looking enough, too bad, I don't give a fuck now, like who you like, be shallow for all I care, I'll just let it all happen.

Slept through music lit like usual, History I forgot some paper that we had to do, oh well. Lunch was the usual, Chemistry we talked about George W. Bush instead of learning. I cut study hall, got on the computer, talked to some more people in the library. I found out that my marking period average in Algebra 2 is an 80, considering that I never try, its not too terrible. Talked to this girl in class, she dances, has for 13 years and I never would have known, whoop-de-doo. Sociology we learned about social class and prestige, talked more about the presidential election.

Chris drove me home, he had to get his friend who had permanant shotgun which was too bad. Got home right after my brother and didn't have to deal with the kids smoking shitty weed in the back of the bus, which was a Good Thing.

Night: Installed Debian on Xanthus, my DEC laptop. The laptop had no drives so I had to use FIPS to make space for the base install partition, then install LILO, reformat the FAT partition and put /usr on it. If LILO hadn't worked, I woulda been SOL as the laptop has no drives and can't boot from anything else, I was in the mood for taking unnecessary risks today. I'm still installing the packages it pulled down off the net, I hope to get X working tonight if I'm lucky.