Excedrin is evil, very, very evil. I had 3 tests today, so I figured some caffeine wouldn't hurt, 3 excedrin made almost 200mg of caffeine, but I forgot about all the other drugs in them. Basically my hands and arms went totally numb, and the caffeine made me shake like a crack fiend. My friends were like "you're a moron." I was, I could barely write my own name on our English test, but the caffeine helped my mind focus incredibly well. I actually was alert and attentive in Music Lit, aced my History test and went to lunch. Went to Chemistry, took my test there, which I did well on all but one question.

Afterwords I went to Algebra 2, my teacher was pissed at me just because the asshole behind me kept asking me questions. In sociology, we had a substitute teacher and watched a hilarious old video on Making Friends. Ramsey and I need to get our hands on that and bastardize it, not that it needs much bastardization. Though it did turn out that I might get a detention for cutting the end of Soc yesterday, it was no big deal. At the end of the class, Mr. Ash, the director of technology walks in, and tells me that the district is going to hire me, $5.15/hr 1-1.5h/day 4days/week, but still that's about $20 a week after uncle sam takes his share for doing little work, and I'd be staying after helping him anyways.

My brother on the bus today is sitting next to a kid who was rolling a joint. His friend asks him if he has any weed on him and he says no. I talk to him about it after we get off, but it turns out that he's all anti-drug. Too bad, I figured he wasn't really so uptight when our parents aren't around. This weekend I've got a huge english project to do, clothes to wash and maybe fun to have.