"We're goin' to the break of dawn"

I had a big fight with my dad last night, my laptop is now broken, but Ramsey's just gonna give me his.

School was the usual, I made an ass of myself in some class I think. My gym team won the football championship, no thanks to be of course. I didn't stay after with the Director of Technology, I felt like dealing with other things.

I get home, my mom is home but she is actually in a good mood. At about 4 Steve IMs me asking if I want to work for his dad, $7/hr under the table, of course I agreed. We were helping Jim do electrostatic painting of bathroom stall partitions. It wasn't much work, just putting up paper to keep the overspray off the walls and floor and then tearing it down. The Jim guy was pretty interesting, he lives in Steve's garage IIRC but he's pretty cool. I'll be happier when I have my money for the hours of breathing paint fumes and running around a center city office building. All in all, today was good fun and nothing bad happened, now I just need the money,power and women.