These were mailed to me by a friend, if you know where thse originated /msg me

Dhwee hae ahn ja - Let's Go To The back Seat

Sarang Hae Yo - I love you

Ah jeek sool ahn chee hae suh? - Are you drunk yet?

Ani? Gurum Chingu eesuh? - No? Then Do you have any friends?

Nuh Hah go ja go sheep oh. - I want to sleep with you.

Nae ga nuh jut gae mahn dul oh? - Do I make you horny baby? Well do I?

Nuh Ahrum da wuh - You are beautiful

Bulgogee mahn dul soo eet suh? - Can you cook Bulgogi?

Oht buh suh - Take off your clothes

Noraebang gal lae? - Do you want to go Karaoke?

Nah Benzu Eets-suh - I have a Benz

Nol Jah - Let's Play (go out and party etc...)

Soo gahp eets-suh? - Do you have handcuffs?

Whae nah ul gul dae ryut suh? - Why did you slap me?

Sool sah jul guh? - Can I buy you a drink?

Benti Eebus-suh? - Are you wearing any underwear?