School pictures come out around this time of year for many people. For the past 3 days or so I've heard nothing but, "Look how big he made my chin, I'm getting retakes!" Some people had pretty genuine complaints like their photos being off center and all, but the majority were bullshit. I've gotta feel bad for the photographer who has to retake a hundred pictures of girls who had a tiny pimple showing or a strand of hair over their ear.

I know that some things can be the photographer's fault, but a picture represents reality pretty accurately these days. As long as he did a decent job framing the shot, the rest is pretty much up to you. If you don't look good, too bad, its the way you are, live with it or get some plastic surgery. All the retakes in the world won't change how you look, if you want to look unusually different, go get some glamour shots or something.