I was in gym class, but apparently the locker rooms where behind the gym instead of in front ot if. I kept pissing everyone off, including my friend Chris, so they all beat me up, after chanting the end of the Beatles' A Day in the life. When I woke up I was in an empty gym and I ended up somehow getting into the girls' locker room which resulted in me being chased out quite quickly.

I finally found my clothes and was off to Net Prep, which I don't even have. We were hooking up SCSI drives, but using ribbon cable for external drives. I got done real quick and got a pass out of my class. In the halls I ran into a kid from my Sociology class who is complaining that the gym teacher didn't even write him a pass, just wrote "Happy Fun Day!" on a piece of paper.

Then I was off to Algebra 2. For some reason I felt the need to flip out at the teacher. I was almost in tears going something like "You know we have a 45 minute period, you can teach for more than 8." The entire class, which happened to contain more of my friends than the real class, looked at me like I was crazy.

They took me away to the library, where I was reading a Road and Track tidbit about how DaimlerChrysler was building a platform to be used in both the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Chrysler's 300M/LHS. At this point I realized it was a dream, and that the constant Bob Marley music in the background was coming from my stereo along with some strange beeping sound...