First I was in some kind of supermarket/convenience store with my mom. Nothing really happened and it faded away.

I was in school, looking like I had been wearing the same clothes for the past 3 days. I'm walking up the stairs when some girl taps me on the back, she says "I like you. I think we should get to know each other." and hands me a piece of paper. I think it had her number or something

Then I'm in a big city, but not Philadelphia. Apparently I was challenged by someone to find my way around without using a computer. I end up being caught by my grandmother using a computer in the basement of a house which happens to also have some IMs open. One just said "thanks" and was from someone other than the girl (who doesn't exist IRL).

Then I was back in school again. Some tries to sell me a bag of marijuana for some odd reason I bought it. In science class I'm going through it in my pocket and accidentally spill some out. My 8th grade science teacher pops up next to me in my lab desk and tells me to be careful.

Then I'm back at home, sortakinda. I got a book from this girl on cars, and then she appears across from me on a couch. I ask her what year she is in and I keep mishearing her say "senior." Eventually she gets frustrated and writes "freshmen!" on a piece of paper. Awake.