I bought a case of beer, and somehow my brother found out and decided to tell on me. He went and told my dad and he didn't say anything for a while. Then I was on my computer at about 2am and he comes into my room and tells me not to let it happen again. The next day I'm outside, and my brother calls me in. My mom says she has some serious buisiness to discuss with me. I assume it has to do with the beer. She says "Brian tells me that you were planning something." I go "what?" She says masturbation. I start laughing and I retort with:

"Suuure mom, let me just mark my calendar for the big day. I think I'll beat off the first monday, then the second tuesday, then I'll have to figure out the times. I think at about midnight will be okay, how about you?"

After this she thought Brian was being absurd and let me go.

Then I was in Philadelphia with my school. Apparently as part of an experiment, people from four other countries were visiting all the other four people's countries. One of the guys was distinctly Middle Eastern and one seemed British or maybe Australian. Some problem happened, but it wasn't important enough to call the whole thing off.

Then it was our turn to go to a foreign country. The airport was really weird, it was like Vet Stadium where you had to keep climbing up and up, to get to your "loading dock." Matt and I kept passing Feng as we walked, and we finally got to the top. Then it turned out that the loading dock was somewhere else, but it didn't matter because it had sank into the ground. Eventually we met up with Mike and Ramsey and got to the right place. Someone shouted:

"Are you ready for a world full of 3G/GRPS/WAP/SMS!"

Matt drops his cell phone in a trash can and they're handing out GSM bumper stickers. They read "GSM 1800: Technology first, legislation tomorrow" or something in an attempt to get the FCC to open the 1800Mhz band for mobile phone use. Just as we were boarding the plane, a loud banging noise entered my mind. Awake.