Merry Christmas/Hanukah 5/Atheist Children Get Presents Day/Kwanzaa

Last night at my grandparent's house I got most of my presents from my relatives. My one aunt got me an entire case of Snapple lemon iced tea, another got me a sweater from Old Navy, my uncle got me a Levi's watch, and all was well there. Well most was good I would say, my one cousin insited that I was going out with this girl who was only my friend, but he was only half kidding.

Mass last night was beautiful, despite my lack of belief in the church's religion, the entire production was something to be admired greatly. They had an entire band and choir and the service started with trumpets blazing, and a procession.

Ok, enough of that, IT'S TIME TO OPEN MORE PRESENTS!

Well under the tree I find a Celestion Subwoofer which is currently entertaining me up here, and a stocking stuffed with Penguin Mints. Santa sure does know lots about me! Oh well, almost time for our anual Christmas Brunch...

My grandmother, aunt and great aunt from my dad's side of the family came over this evening. The great aunt is one of the most racist women I've met. She kept going on about colored folk and niggers, then it was the Jews and Orientals. All night long, she wouldn't stop. If she weren't old and sick I would have snapped at her, but it was an interesting example of how times have changed.

Nobody I know would dare to say such things, times have changed. It really scares me to think that only 50 years ago, things were still segregated and you would be judged on your race. I don't look out and see a black, an asian, a white, I see a person, judged only upon their ideas and actions. I simply cannot grasp the concept of prejudice, it feels like an excuse for hating for no reason.

"You can't play with Jamie, she's different from you"
"But she's good at basketball"
"It doesn't matter, she's different, now go find someone else to play with"
How many times does this happen. Children don't feel hate, children find the good in one another, children love to love, and love to be loved. It is the adults who feel insecure, who want a reason to despise someone else, a reason to hate.

I don't get it, I want to love everyone, I want everyone to love me for who I am and nothing more, I don't want to be a white guy, I just want to be a guy.

Merry Fucking Christmas