This happens to me quite often. There's some girls who the first time I see them, I assume that they must have a thing for me or something. I mean, they listen to what I have to say, go out of their way to say 'hi' to me, and otherwise are non-bitchy. I mean its my duty as a less than popular male to assume that any girl who treats me as such likes me.

So basically after said encounter I undergo a considerable amout of wtf-ing as said girl is usually quite attractive. Then the next day I will realize that they are just nice to everyone in general and don't really care for me much in particular.

Remember, if you like me, make sure to club me over the head with the fact.

Well they could all just like me and I could just be dumb, but what are the odds?

Ahab: You're right in some cases, however I tend to be able to make most people laugh , so its not much of an indicator as far as I personally am concerned

Zach: I agree with most of your ideas, but I (pretty obviously) meant 'like' in a romantic sense, where niceness isn't really much of an indicator when its shown to everyone.