While German, French, Italian, and Romansch are all "official" languages of Switzerland, different regions favor different languages. The following table shows the names of the cantons in English and Switzerland's languages, in order of entry to the federation. Hardlinked entries indicate the dominant language(s) in that canton.

Year                                                                                                                              Area
 of                                                                                                                                in
Entry Abbr. English                  German                  French                        Italian             Romansch           km2  
1291   UR   Uri                      Uri                     Uri                           Uri                 Uri                1077
1291   SZ   Schwyz                   Schwyz                  Schwyz                        Svitto              Sviz               908
1291   OW   Obwalden                 Obwalden                Obwald                        Obwaldo             Sursilvania        491
1291   NW   Nidwalden                Nidwalden               Nidwald                       Nidwaldo            Sutsilvania        276
1332   LU   Lucerne                  Luzern                  Lucerne                       Lucerna             Lucerna            1494
1351   ZH   Zurich                   Zürich                  Zurich                        Zurigo              Turitg             1729
1352   GL   Glarus                   Glarus                  Glaris                        Glarona             Glaruna            685
1352   ZG   Zug                      Zug                     Zoug                          Zugo                Zug                239
1353   BE   Berne                    Bern                    Berne                         Berna               Berna              5961
1481   FR   Fribourg                 Freiburg                Fribourg                      Friburgo            Friburg            1671
1481   SO   Solothurn                Solothurn               Soleure                       Soletta             Soloturn           791
1501   BS   Basle-Town               Basel-Stadt             Bâle-Ville                    Basilea-Città       Basilea-Citad      37
1501   BL   Basle-Country            Basel-Land              Bâle-Campagne                 Basilea-Campagna    Basilea-Champagna  517
1501   SH   Schaffhausen             Schaffhausen            Schaffhouse                   Sciaffusa           Schaffusa          298
1513   AR   Appenzell Outer-Rhodes   Appenzell-Ausserrhoden  Appenzell Rhodes-Extérieures  Appenzello Esterno  Appenzell dadens   243
1513   AI   Appenzell Inner-Rhodes   Appenzell-Innerrhoden   Appenzell Rhodes-Intérieures  Appenzello Interno  Appenzell dador    173
1803   SG   St. Gall                 St. Gallen              St-Gall                       San Gallo           San Gagl           2026
1803   GR   Grisons                  Graubünden              Grisons                       Grigione            Grischun           7105
1803   AG   Argovia                  Aargau                  Argovie                       Argovia             Argovia            1404
1803   TG   Thurgovia                Thurgau                 Thurgovie                     Turgovia            Turgovia           991
1803   TI   Ticino                   Tessin                  Tessin                        Ticino              Tessin             2812
1803   VD   Vaud                     Waadt                   Vaud                          Vaud                Vad                3212
1815   VS   Valais                   Wallis                  Valais                        Vallese             Vallais            5224
1815   NE   Neuchâtel                Neuenburg               Neuchâtel                     Neuchâtel           Neuchâtel          803
1815   GE   Geneva                   Genf                    Genève                        Ginevra             Genevra            282
1979   JU   Jura                     Jura                    Jura                          Giura               Giura              836  
       CH   Switzerland              Schweiz                 Suisse                        Svizzera            Svizra             41285

Geopolitical subdivisions of cantons are called communes.

Many thanks to Siobhan, who provided the info to expand and refine what was originally a simple list of canton names.