I take the Sundance to work, drop it off at the mechanic at break time. The odometer is shot, I'll have to get a replacement from a junkyard if I want a working odometer. Well, how else will I know when it needs an oil change? They fix the turn signal though. That's the sort of auto repair I could do myself, but I don't feel at all bad about paying someone else $10 to do it for me.
I call auto insurance co. to get a quote on adding the second car to my policy. Eeek! $466 IN ADDITION TO the current annual $615. Considering I can only drive one of them at a time (ergo, only one car can be "at risk" at any one time), how do they justify that additional cost? I don't actually care enough to ask.
Finally set up automatic 401(k) contribution, effective with tomorrow's paycheck. With the seemingly endless grind of optimizing my automotive situation, it's nice to get something done quickly and with minimal hassle. Chat with Mom a bit about the health of relatives, and give her a Mother's Day card. Her apartment always reeks of cigarette smoke, I hope I didn't smell that bad when I smoked.
I notice one of those hateful gypsy moth caterpillars that so disgusted me in my youth. My schoolmates would torture and crush them, the grammar school playground was a mess of smashed caterpillars for a week every spring. There was an oily, acrid smell (or was that my imagination?) They will hatch all over the neighborhood soon. Bugs are gross.
Finished watching The Ref. Evening: We declare Roommate Laundry Party, and I get ALL my laundry done! For the past six months I've kept a big cardboard box containing a mix of suspected-clean and suspected-worn clothes, slowly rotating as I make piecemeal laundromat trips, but now all the clothes are clean at the same time! I can finally put them all away! Except I need more closet space. Why do I have all these stupid clothes? The big box is recommissioned as the Goodwill Box.