Happy birthday, USA! I love my country for its potential, for its best qualities, but I recognize it (i.e., its leadership) has serious flaws. Not being a leader myself, I can only vote and pray.
Today (TUE): First noding in... wow, about a week. Meadowlands Fair with Mom, Dad, sisters and husbands and kids. (Color me Poseidon.) Fireworks in Lyndhurst.
Yesterday (MON): brought recyclables to City Hall drop-off. Laundered colors and blacks. Bought a Snapple lemon iced tea at the liquor store next to the (un-air-conditioned) laundromat; resisted buying beer, cider or lottery tickets. Enduring Issues in Psychology keeps me amused. Dinner at Mario's: antipasto, mussels, pizza, fried calamari, coffee, ice cream, Sambuca. More Sambuca at Pam's house, and we gossip about the sexual orientation of our childhood friends.
D - 2 (SUN): Went to church with (sister) Kim & her family. The kids always seem so thrilled to have me along in church. Genesis 18:1-8. Mom gave me her double bed to replace my single bed since she got the queen bed from Dad's house; I have also inherited a coffee table and an end table. If I have to have an end table, I'm glad it's octagonal. HMM3: "Crag Hack" campaign games. Flatmate leaves for 9 days in Florida.
D - 3 (SAT): Got home from covering 3rd shift quality control at ~6AM. Played some campaign HMM3. Philly Phrolics registrar returned my call! Yay! Took a long nap. 3:30PM: Nephew's 8th grade graduation party/summer barbecue. Weather could not be more perfect. I leave around 8:30PM (twilight) to get some much-needed sleep.
D - 4 (FRI): 1 hr late to work. Called (last-minute) to register for Philly Phrolics, but the registrar's answering machine message was like "the answering machine is on vacation, you have reached the refrigerator. Please leave a message and the smoke alarm will return your call as soon as possible." Back to work to cover for the 3rd shift lab technician at 11PM. Sprayed a house centipede with MEK.