Today: As the clock rolls over to 12:01AM, I am sitting at my desk, alone in the lab, with maybe 4 other people in the whole factory. Although the plant manager qualified me to act as plant supervisor on weekend skeleton crew shifts, a ranking plant super has decided to stay to run a production line. At 7AM, I give a lift to a fellow I tried to train for the lab tech position 6 or 7 years ago. Home, I pick out some more books to discard, and putter around distractedly, before I crash hard at 2PM.
Yesterday: Wake ~9:30, Grape Nuts & coffee. HMM3: complete the 3rd "Crag Hack" scenario, struggle a bit with scenario 4. Nap, log a freaky dream, more cereal and automated gaming, work up some RQ campaign material. Perfect timing to pick up BK and arrive at work on the dot of 11PM.
D-2: I give my assistant a card and little blank book for her birthday; my boss asks me if I'd like to be the department birthday party coordinator, and I accept.