I could bitch for hours/pages about my boss.
  • On my arrival, one production line is out of spec for green color match; I recommend adding blue, he says no, add yellow. It turns out that blue is what we need after all, but by this point the pigment batch is too saturated. We lose three hours on that line, fixing the hue and saturation imbalances.
  • Yesterday I was offered the company newsletter editorship, which I was pretty pleased about. Everyone whose opinion mattered felt I was the best choice for the task, but today pointy-haired-control-freak-man decides that this is a point on which my desires, and the newsletter quality, can be sacrificed to further his corporate political ends. (It is ironic that I work in quality control.)
  • After calmly registering my disapproval and begrudging acceptance, I return to the lab to try to get some work done. Napoleon-boy calls me in to his office 3 more times through the day, to explain the political details to me as they unfold. His political opponents bend my ear periodically, too. I lose at least another hour of productivity. Nobody asks what I want or think (since I made my thoughts clear already, yesterday), they just need to apologize and defend themselves to the person with the least power in the situation.

    Lunch: salami on a pumpernickel bagel, and a Hostess lemon pie. I lose interest and time before I get to the pie, but like a dumbass I leave it sitting on my desk. I don't expect it to be there when I get back tomorrow morning. The secret notary in the accounting department transfers my funds in the defunct pension plan to my 401(k) account. 8.5 months after changing addresses, I get around to telling my bank about it.

    The anniversary of the moon walk.