Today: Wake ~8:00 with my alarm. Lacking any motive to get up that early on a weekend, I sleep in til 11:30. A phrase that has been turning over and over in my mind all week: "Whatever you believe will seem to be true". I am covering 2nd shift as QC technician this evening, I intend to attend church tomorrow morning, then a birthday party in the evening. I have not made much "quiet time" this weekend, and my feelings are conflicted about that.
Yesterday: Wake ~5:30 to bring my car in to a private inspection shop by 6:30, hop a bus to work, take the bus back to the shop at lunchtime to pick up the car. YAY! Finally, for the first time in 8.5 months, my car is completely legal! Return American Beauty, pick up Fight Club. Dinner is a QuikChek sub sandwich. Flatmate and I poke smot and watch the movie, then bedtime.
D-3: (WED) One of my boss's first concerns today is to notify me of a raise and change of title. In the next few days I will find that this came from my former boss suggesting it to the president, NOT from any initiative or concern on my current boss's part. He had previously put the issue off 'til the end of the year, after all. I know which side of my bread is buttered, I want my former boss back. Mom gives me a pack of construction paper get-well cards from my first grade classmates, from the time my tonsils were removed, and a few years' worth of grammar school class pictures. I am expected to want to haul yet more ballast through life with me. "Scan and discard" is the order of the day.
D-4: (TUE) I take a personal holiday today. The long weekends have spoiled me, a whole five-day work week seems too onerous to bear. I waste the morning sleeping in... or is that really such a waste? Sleep is one of my favorite pastimes...
I think all the excitement and change of the last few weeks is aggravating my tendency to manic-depressive frustration.