Under the right conditions of heat and humidity, lightning will dance in the clouds for hours on end.

A good rainbow can mist my eyes with pre-tears; snow is pretty, but it makes me want to curl up and hibernate. Most of all I like lightning. When it touches down, a djinn in my belly chases up my spine, prays: "let me fly and smite and burn and dance again", makes me want to shake sparks out my fingers and belch crisp ozone.

"Stuff Your Face": a stromboli restaurant, on NJ SR 18 in New Brunswick (?) Purported to have a few billiard tables, but my sources were wrong: there is another location, and that other is where the pool tables are. This site has only a dartboard. A waitress recommends a billiard hall one exit north on 18, and a few miles west. She rattles off an impressive list of landmarks, all on the same road, which confuses me the first time, and makes me laugh, the second.

Since 1997, I've played pool maybe twice. In the past, I would have killed the moments between turns with drags from a cigarette and sips of beer. I can sense exactly what's "missing", but I don't "miss" those drugs. Within 4 games, I'm able to sink bursts of 2-3 balls in a turn, and I don't remember my break ever being this good. "It's like falling off a bike... no, riding a bike... falling off a horse? I don't know. I don't know what it's like." My partner could probably kill me, literally, five different ways with a bo stick, but I feel kind of bad for trouncing her so soundly with a pool cue.

Last week, saying goodnight at her doorstep, I sensed an awkward moment where there could have been The First Kiss; I'm determined not to miss it again. Her hand on the car door latch, her eyes on me - "let's get this first-kiss thing out of the way" - not my most romantic moment, but I might wither and die before I find The Perfect Words in The Perfect Timing; and I grok perfection is vastly overrated. What comes to mind will have to suffice. A kiss is, indeed, just a kiss...

While the silent, impassive heavens burn and flash, something like cool lightning sparks and arcs between us.

Most of all I like lightning.