In God Time, there was no Death, until a daughter of Yelm was exiled from the Celestial Court. That's when all the trouble really began.

One of Yelm's daughters fell from the Celestial Court to the camp of the Storm Gods. She was afraid, being so far from the Court, and the Storm gods were rough and rowdy. Humakt found her first and she wrestled him and pinned him. He offered the hospitality of Umath's Hall and she accepted.

Umath was angry that his son had brought a Celestial Court goddess among them. Humakt pleaded to let her stay. Umath asked why, when his brothers had offered him far prettier women and spirits? Humakt spoke of her inner beauty, for he sees all that is true inside a person, and he saw that Yelm's daughter was very pious and honorable. So Umath relented and let her stay. Then Humakt's mother warned him against women, but Humakt was deaf to her warning.

Yelm's daughter was not interested in Humakt's honor, and observed his martial skill but casually. Humakt made a show of his chastity, removing to a mountaintop. This daughter of the Sun met him there, and they flirted, but she did not marry him until he confessed his secret weakness: her.

For a gift, she journeyed down into Hell and tricked her way past three guardians to where Death lay. Not knowing what it was, she brought it back and asked Grandfather Mortal to be there when she presented the mysterious gift to her devoted husband, to help determine what the power was. That is when Humakt killed the First Man, and to this day all men die eventually.

Then Orlanth visited and she loaned him Death. That is when Orlanth killed Yelm, her father, and started the Darkness. She was horrified, even though Yelm himself had exiled her, and Humakt disowned his family so that family obligations might never again come between them. That is why Humakt is no longer a Storm god.

Then Chaos impinged on their isolated love nest, when Humakt's brother Ragnaglar and his women summoned it. Humakt was called to battle, and Krjalk gave Humakt's lover and wife another blade, Void, to give to Humakt, asking the treacherous price that she accept his blood. When she offered Void to him, he saw its true Chaos nature, and then he noticed the chaos blood making her krjalki. Before she could feel a moment of fear or pain, he cut her down, so that she would not have to live as a chaos monster.

If love was Humakt's weakness, then grief was not: Humakt went forth to fight chaos with a vengeance. Chaos stole some memory of his wife, perhaps because her truth was mutated and corrupted by Chaos; and of course Void makes things hard to remember, even for gods. That is why Humakt hates Chaos, and kills it wherever he finds it. He has abstained from the company of women ever since.