Today (SUN): Wake ~noon, root around the 'Web a bit for some campaign material, get DQ and rent a couple of movies: The Last Temptation of Christ and Natural Born Killers. After 'Temptation, a nap and dinner (stir-fried broccoli and peppers, and some bowtie pasta salad). My roommate and I watch 'Killers. I can't decide who is the more likable hero: Willem Dafoe's grating, whiny Jesus, or Woody Harrelson's flat-out diabolic Mickey Knox.
Yesterday (SAT): Rise around 9AM, coffee, shower, mail phone bill, bundle the eternal collection of newspaper off the porch, hit a garage sale for a few paperbacks (David Weber’s Honor Harrington series, and the last book in Frankowski’s Conrad Stargard series), drop off recyclables at muni center, groceries, salami sandwich on a bagel, stow clean laundry, scan grammar school class pics, read ~50 pages of Weber's On Basilisk Station, absorb the TOC of Sedgwick’s Algorithms, plow through half of Conrad's Quest for Rubber. Roommate invites me to the Lourds show, I decline.
D-2 All the cards, hardcopy journal scraps, notes to myself, coupons and receipts and business cards that litter my computer desk get filed away, transformed into bits, or discarded. I weed through half a dozen directories of "2Bfiled" and "tmp". I prune and harvest and salt away, straining and condensing, boiling down, distilling and rendering. Some combination of adjusting to my latest round of job responsibilites, eating well, vitamins and ginkgo, and closure in a handful of nagging concerns, has instilled a rare sense of peace and energy. It helps that the gloomy weather has broken, and that I have a full two-day weekend to myself for the first time in a month.